New Guidelines issued on Electoral Registration Officers (ERO’s) and Booth Level Officers (BLO’s)

On 10.07.2015,
the Election Commission issued necessary directions for further improvements of
election management, which are as follows:

Process of verification of online
application submitted shall be done only after the applicant uploads
relevant documents in support of his/her identity and photo. In the
absence of which, the EROs may reject the application, at preliminary
stage itself. One day in a week shall be fixed by ERO for verification of
the on-line applications.
Acknowledgement receipt of the
application will be sent electronically by SMS/e-mail to the applicant at
each stage of disposal of his/her application.
Form 6 (for inclusion of name in
the electoral roll) filled by an applicant will be rejected if he/she does
not fill up part IV of the form to give details of his/her earlier
Each ERO/AERO shall be given one
computer with internet connectivity, one printer, one telephone and one
data entry operator, so that the electoral roll/EPIC related works do not
EROs/AEROs can be sanctioned TA/DA
as per rules applicable to the concerned state for their tours in the
field in connection with exercise relating to preparation/revision of
electoral roll.
One BLO should be appointed for
one polling station who should be, to the extent possible, a local
resident. Where female registration is very low, female BLOs should be
appointed to motivate the unregistered women to come forward and get them
enrolled in electoral rolls.
BLOs of the polling stations in
cantonment areas, should be replaced by, as far as practicable, with the
BLOs who are staff of the concerned cantonment authorities.
BLOs shall sit at the Polling
Station assigned to them at least once in two months so that the electors
in the area may visit the concerned Polling Station for new
enrolment/correction/deletion of the existing entry.
BLO Supervisors should be
appointed to supervise and monitor the work done by BLOs.
The existing rate of
remuneration/honorarium to BLOs is fixed at Rs. 6000/- per annum. For BLO Supervisor,
an annual honorarium is Rs. 12000/. Besides, the Commission has also
approved the proposal for a minimum amount of Rs. 1000/- per annum for a
BLO for house visits made by him during the period of summary revision. Also,
that BLOs should necessarily be sanctioned TA/DA, if they make travels
outside their Polling Station areas for the purpose of training. 

-Election Commission of India
Source: Legal news India

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