Neeraj Kumar vs Pooja Verma on 19 August, 2016

2. The appellant/husband got married to the respondent/wife on
November 22, 2004 according to Hindu rites and ceremonies. The marriage
was consummated and a son was born on January 01, 2006.
3. In the petition filed under Section 13(1)(ia) of Hindu Marriage Act,
1955 the instances of cruelty stated to have been committed by the
respondent/wife cited by the appellant/husband are numerous starting right
from the second day of the marriage. As per the appellant/husband, on the
very next day of the marriage the respondent/wife started treating his
mother, sister and sister-in-law in an insulting manner complaining that the
language used by them was not to her liking and that her sister-in-law did
not know how to speak. The respondent/wife considered herself to be

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modern and well-educated and she ill-treated the family members of the
appellant/husband who are having rural background. She also called the
mother of the appellant as uneducated ‘Ganwar’. The respondent/wife was
studying at National Museum Institute, New Delhi. To avoid doing of
household work she used to leave house even on Saturday and Sunday on
the pretext of going to Institute whereas in fact she used to visit her parental
home or roam around with her friends. The respondent/wife did not want to
live in joint family and had been threatening the appellant to have a separate
house in Rohini. One of the most serious allegation made by the
respondent/wife against the appellant was that of having illicit relations with
his sister-in-law (bhabhi). The respondent/wife created a scene when his
sister visited them and his two years old niece wanted to sleep with him.
The respondent/wife started shouting that the appellant/husband was in his
Bhabhi’s room. She also even complained against her father-in-law saying
that he had bad eyes on her. The respondent/wife had also insulted his
mother and sister who had visited her parental home to enquire about her
wellbeing. She also quarrelled on the issue that why she was sent to the
parental home for delivery whereas her Jethani when became pregnant was
not sent to her parents house.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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