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Naresh Kumar Chandera vs Delhi University & Anr on 24 May, 2017

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1. In the present petition, the petitioner has impugned notification dated October 10,

2012 whereby it has been decided by the respondent No.1 that the application for grant

of special chance beyond the stipulated span period, shall not be considered by it.

2. The case of the petitioner is, that he was admitted to the B.Sc course in July 2002

at Kirorimal College respondent No.2, which is a three years course but having a span

period of six years to complete the same. In 2005, the petitioner had a paralytic attack

thereby leading to several complications due to which he had complete loss of vision,

which disrupted his studies as he remained bed ridden for a very long time. After

prolonged treatment, there was some improvement in the condition of the petitioner.

W.P.(C) 1177/2014 Page 1 of 6
However, in the meanwhile, he could not appear in the examinations to qualify his B.Sc

course and the span period, as prescribed by the University expired. In 2009, the

petitioner qualified the examinations held by S.S.B./CPF for the post of Assistant

Commandant but could not be considered as he had not completed his B.Sc course. He,

in his petition refers to various examinations, he had qualified for different

courses/employment. It is his case that the Notification dated October 10, 2012 is

illegal and has been issued in violation of Delhi University Act and the Statutes.

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