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Murari Lal vs Madan Lal Moondra on 30 June, 2015

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Through: Mr. Achal Gupta, Advocate.
1. A suit was filed by the Respondent seeking possession, mesne profit,
recovery of amount and mandatory injunction from the Petitioner i.e. Suit
No. 503/13/09 tilted as “Madan Lal Mundra vs. Murari Lal” before the
learned Civil Judge.
2. In the suit it was claimed that father of Murari Lal was a tenant under
Madan Lal Moondra and the said tenancy had been terminated vide notice
dated 17th August, 1984. In the said suit, an application was filed by Murari
Lal under Order VII Rule 11 CPC for rejection of the plaint on the ground
that the suit for possession and damages alleging tenancy was not
maintainable as the area was notified as a Slum area and no permission
under Section 19 of the Slum Area Act had been taken. This application of
Murari Lal was dismissed by the learned Civil Judge vide order dated 4th
September, 2014.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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