Ms. Vinny Rajpal vs State & Anr. on 31 July, 2018

Crl. M.C. 3772/2018 & Crl. M.C. 3774/2018

1. The petitioner, in Crl. M.C. 3772/2018, seeks quashing of FIR
No. 11 of 2017 under Sections 468/471 of the IPC Police Station
Chanakya Puri, New Delhi and the petitioner, in Crl. M.C. 3774/2018,
seeks quashing of FIR No. 94 of 2015 under Section 498-A/406 of the
IPC Police Station C.R. Park, New Delhi, based on a settlement.

2. The subject FIRs emanate out of matrimonial discord. The
accused/petitioner, in Crl. M.C. 3772/2018 is the wife and
complainant is the husband and the accused/petitioner, in Crl. M.C.
3774/2018, is the husband and complainant is the wife. Subject FIRs
are cross FIRs.

3. Learned counsels for the parties submit that the parties have
settled their disputes and the parties have already obtained divorce by
mutual consent. It is further submitted on behalf of the parties that a
Memorandum of Settlement dated 22.06.2018 has been executed
between the parties. As per the settlement, husband-Rajiv Rajpal had
to pay a total sum of Rs. 20 lakhs to the wife-Vinny Rajpal. The entire
sum of Rs. 20 lakhs is stated to have been paid which is
acknowledged by Ms. Vinny Rajpal.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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