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M/S The Co-Operative Co. Ltd. vs D.T.T.D.C. & Ors. on 4 January, 2016


1. The unsuccessful petitioners in W.P.(C) No. 2612/1991 preferred this
appeal aggrieved by the dismissal of the writ petition by order dated
2. The appellant/petitioner is a wholesale supplier of country liquor in
Delhi and was holding licence granted in Form L9 under the Punjab Excise
Act, 1914 as extended to Delhi read with Delhi Liquor Licence Rules, 1976.
The respondent No.1, the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development
Corporation Ltd. (for short „the Corporation‟) is holding a retail licence in
Form L10 for retail sale of country liquor and 50o Rum in the Union
Territory of Delhi. For the excise year 1991-92, the appellant was awarded a

LPA 330/2005 Page 1 of 7
contract by the Corporation for wholesale supply of country liquor and Rum
in Delhi.

Source: Indian Kanoon