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M/S. Safaquat & Virender Kumar & Co vs Govt Of Nct Of Delhi & Anr. on 24 September, 2015

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% 24.09.2015

1. The petition impugns the Final Demand notice dated 14th November,

2014 issued by the respondent No.2 Agricultural Produce Marketing

Committee (APMC) to the petitioner, directing the petitioner to on or before

14th December, 2014 deposit Rs.6,72,315/- towards the price / consideration

of Shop No.117 allotted the petitioner in fruit and vegetable market

Keshopur, New Delhi and intimating to the petitioner that upon the failure of

the petitioner to make such deposit the allotment of the shop shall be

cancelled without any further notice.
2. The petition came up before this Court first on 12th December, 2014

when the respondents were restrained from cancelling the allotment of the

shop in question subject to the petitioner depositing a sum of Rs.2,00,000/-

with the respondent within a period of four weeks from that date; the said

amount has been deposited.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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