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Ms. Pi And Ors. vs Jawaharlal Nehru University And … on 29 May, 2018

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2. A perusal of the report would show that the FFC apart from, broadly,
recording what transpired after complaints were lodged by the petitioners
with regard to alleged acts of sexual harassment committed by respondent

W.P.(C) No.4219/2018 Page 1 of 10
No.4, no finding as such has been returned by it. The report which is dated
11.5.2018, contains Annexures, which, in a sense, is a collation of the
material which has been generated in the case. The material collated
includes the correspondence exchanged between the members of respondent
No.1/Jawahal Lal University (JNU) administration; correspondence with the
petitioners/complainants as also the FIRs lodged by the petitioners.
2.1 There are, in all, twenty two Annexures appended to the report.

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