M/S H.T Media Ltd & Anr vs Susheel Kumar & Ors on 22 May, 2018

2. The brief facts leading to the filing of this suit, as alleged, are:-
a) the Plaintiff No.1 being a media house engaged in the
business of print media, radio and internet services enjoys a
leadership position in the English and Hindi Newspaper market.
The Plaintiff No.2 being a subsidiary of the Plaintiff No.1,
acquired and adopted the domain name “SHINE.COM” by
Mr.Alan Rambam;

CS (COMM) No.323/2018 Page 1 of 8
b) the Plaintiffs are the registered proprietors of the
Trademarks “SHINE” and “SHINE.COM”. The Plaintiffs have
filed Trademark Applications in the relevant classes;
c) the defendants No.1, 2 and 3 are the entities/companies
engaged in the business of providing education, training, jobs via
the website, www.click2shine.com, www.success4career.in and
www.success4career. Defendants No.4 & 5 are operating and
managing the said domain name, thereby infringing the Plaintiffs’
Trademark and passing off their services as that of the Plaintiffs by
adopting/using the aforesaid websites;

Source: Indian Kanoon

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