Mohd. Zahid vs State on 31 March, 2017



1. The present appeal has been filed by the appellant aggrieved
by the judgment of conviction dated 30th January, 2002, convicting
the appellant finding him guilty under Section 29 read with Section
21 of the Narcotic Drugs & Psychotropic Substances Act
(hereinafter referred to as NDPS Act) as well as order on sentence
dated 14th February, 2002 vide which the sentence was passed
against the appellant to undergo rigorous imprisonment for a period
of fifteen years and to pay fine of Rs.1,50,000/- for the offence
punishable under Section 29 read with Section 21 of the NDPS Act
in view of the provisions of Section 31(ii) of the NDPS Act, in
default of payment of fine, convict was ordered to further undergo
simple imprisonment for six months with benefit under Section 428

Source: Indian Kanoon

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