Free Judgments

Mohd. Quamuddin & Ors. vs Union Of India on 8 July, 2015

1. The petitioners are parents of children – Najruddin, aged about 11
years; Sajruddin, aged about 10 years; Saddam, aged about 14 years; and
Arun, aged about 11 years – who were run over by a train and have filed the
present petition seeking compensation for the loss of lives of their
respective children. The children lost their lives in a tragic incident that
occurred on 15.08.2007; they were run over by a train near Street No. 10-
12, Ajit Nagar, Shahdara, New Delhi while trying to catch the “cut off
kites”. The parents of the deceased children claim a compensation of a sum
of `11,00,000/- for the death of each child.
2. The petitioners allege that the death of their children was caused due
to negligence on the part of the officials of the respondent, as the railway
tracks were not properly fenced and adequate safety measures had not been

put in place despite the knowledge that children regularly played in vicinity
of the tracks at the site of the incident.

Source: Indian Kanoon