Mohd. Mohsin & Ors. vs The State (Delhi Admn.) Delhi & … on 16 July, 2018

2. Subject FIRs are cross FIRs. It is contended that the FIRs were
registered on account of a quarrel, which took place between the parties,
consequent to drinking of Alcohol.

3. The parties are neighbours. They have settled their disputes vide
Settlement Deed dated 20.03.2018. Though the status report indicates that
there are involvement of some of the petitioners in other proceedings,
however it is noticed that the previous involvement is of several years ago
and there does not seem to be anything on record to suggest that the
petitioners were involved in any other case in the near past.

4. Parties are present in person in Court today, represented by their
counsels. They undertake that they shall not quarrel in future and shall
maintain law and order. They further submit that they do not wish to press
the criminal complaints against each other any further.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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