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Mohd. Hanif vs Narcotics Control Bureau on 24 June, 2020

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2. It is alleged that a parcel with commercial invoice no.9479924042

was booked on 25.07.2016 at DHL Express Pvt. Ltd, Trinidad and Tobago

in the name of Abdul Rehman, house No E-353, Khadda Colony Extension,

Bail Appln.307/2019 Page 1 of 14
Jaitpur, Badarpur, New Delhi, India 110044. The said parcel was intercepted

and seized on 27.07.2016 at Gatwick Airport, U.K. Accordingly, on

28.07.2016, Director General, Narcotics Control Bureau received a request

from National Crime Agency UK for controlled delivery of a parcel which

was destined to India in the name of Abdul Rehman, House No E-353,

Khadda Colony Extension, Jaitpur, Badarpur, New Delhi-110044, Tel: 91-

8010725693. Said information and request for control delivery operation of

the consignment in question from the National Crime Agency, U.K. was

forwarded to the Zonal Director NCB DZU on 29.07.2016 by the NCB Head

Quarter for taking necessary action as per the provisions of section 50A of

NDPS Act. Accordingly, on 01.08.2016 Zonal Director, DZU directed and

authorized Sh. Rajeev Sehrawat IO to undertake the control delivery as per

the provisions of section 50A of NDPS Act vide letters dated 01.08.2016

and on 03.08.2016 Zonal Director, DZU directed and authorised Sh. Rajeev

Sehrawat IO to collect the consignment parcel from the captain of flight no

BA 143, namely, Mr. Martin Taylor on the same day. In the intervening

night of 03/04.08.2016 the consignment in question was brought by the

Captain of British Airways Flight No.BA- 143 of British Airways at IGI

Airport, New Delhi and Sh. Rajeev Sehrawat IO received the said

Bail Appln.307/2019 Page 2 of 14
consignment from the Captain in sealed condition bearing seal no.

BAO1508100 along with letter of request and Indemnity letter of the

captain. After receiving the consignment Sh. Rajeev Sehrawat IO came back

to the NCB/DZU office and deposited the parcel of the controlled delivery

in Malkhana and entry was made in the Control Delivery register. Rajeev

Sehrawat submitted his report dated 04.08.2016 before Sh. Jai Kishan Supdt.

NCB/DZU. It is further alleged that on 04.08.2016 Rajeev Sehrawat IO

constituted a team and left for the office DHL Okhla Phase III, New Delhi

along with the parcel of the controlled delivery. Pursuant to reaching the

DHL office, Rajeev Sehrawat 10 along DHL staff attempted to deliver the

said parcel to the Abdul Rehman (co-accused in the present case) however

was unsuccessful as the address could not be located and the call was not

answered. On 05.08.2016 Rajeev Sehrawat IO received information from

DHL Okhla office that Abdul Rehman (co-accused) had telephoned at their

office and enquired about the parcel in question and requested to send the

delivery to his address. Accordingly, the NCB officials along with delivery

man of DHL courier service and the parcel of controlled delivery left for

House no E-353, Khadda Colony, Jaitpur Extension, Badarpur, New Delhi,

i.e. the address mentioned on the parcel of controlled delivery and the DHL

Bail Appln.307/2019 Page 3 of 14
staff called on the mobile number written on the said parcel and one person

came to the vehicle of DHL and disclosed his name as Abdul Rehman. DHL

staff obtained his signatures on the receipt slip and handed over the said

parcel to him. Immediately on receiving of the parcel NCB team stopped

him and Rajeev Sehrawat IO introduced himself and team members to that

person (Abdul Rehman) and inquired about the said parcel. He disclosed

that he had received the parcel on the instructions of his friend Hanif

(petitioner herein) and the said parcel belonged to a friend of Hanif. Further

informed that he had to take the parcel to Hanif and thereafter Hanif will

take the parcel to Prince (Accused No.l) and handover the same to Prince.

Sh. Rampal IO carried out the personal search of Abdul Rehman in presence

of independent witnesses but nothing incriminating was recovered from his

personal search. In preliminary inquiry, Abdul Rehman disclosed that the

parcel was to be handed over to Hanif and he can get Hanif apprehended.

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