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Mohd. Abid vs State on 16 June, 2017

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Appellants – Wasim Ahmed, Mohd. Javed, Mohd Abid and Mohd.

Shafiq were charged for the trial of the offences under Sections

328/379/34 IPC besides the offence under Section 411 IPC. Vide the

impugned judgment dated 19.01.2016, all of them were convicted for the

said offences and vide the impugned order on sentence dated 21.01.2016,

all of them were sentenced to undergo 4 years RI for the offence under

Section 328/34 IPC; 3 years RI for the offence under Section 379/34 IPC;

and, 1 year RI for the offence under Section 411 IPC respectively. They

were also sentenced to pay fine of Rs.3,000/- and Rs.2000/- respectively,

Crl. A. Nos. 291/16, 300/16, 581/16 & 1143/16 Page 2 of 25
for the offences under Section 328/379/34 IPC. In default, they were to

undergo 3 months and 2 months SI respectively. All of them have

assailed the impugned judgment and the order on sentence by filing

separate appeals. All the four appeals are being dealt with by this common


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