Mohan Lal Kukreja vs Sunder Kukreja & Ors. on 3 June, 2016

2. To set the setting of the scene for our opinion, the Kukreja family
did well for itself when it stood united. Dropadi Devi Kukreja and her
husband Late Shri D.R.Kukreja were blessed with six sons named: (i)
Jethanand, (ii) Shyam Lal, (iii) Lekhraj, (iv) Ram Chand, (v) Mohan Lal
and (vi) Madan Lal. The family had incorporated a company: M/s.
Mohan Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Business was carried on under the name and
style: (i) M/s. M.M. Enterprises, (ii) M/s. Super Fashions (iii) Karan
Exports (iv) Chander Creations, and (v) D.R.Kukreja & Co. A plot
bearing No.13, Sant Nagar, East of Kailash, a flat at Indraprakash
Building on Barakhamba Road, plot No.1055, New Friends Colony, 3
flats at DCM Building at Connaught Place and a cinema plot in East of
Kailash where Sapna Cinema was established were acquired, and we
must indicate in this paragraph itself that the pleadings are hazy and so is
the evidence concerning the business of M.M. Enterprises, M/s. Super
Fashions and Karan Exports. There is evidence that the plot at Sant
Nagar was acquired by M/s. Mohan Overseas Pvt. Ltd. The plot at New
Friends Colony was acquired in the name of Ram Chand Kukreja and
currently is owned by his wife Chander Kukreja. The three flats at DCM
Building in Connaught Place are currently in the name of Sunder, Raj
Kumar and Mohan. The family had some business in the United States of
America evidenced by admissions before the learned Arbitrator of bank
FAO (OS) No.677/2015 & conn.matters Page 3 of 30
accounts in the United States of America. The family appears to have
acted very inofficiously in their inter-se dealings, a facet which we shall
highlight as we proceed along while noting the evidence.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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