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Meenakshi Shukla & Anr. vs State & Ors. on 3 December, 2015

% 03.12.2015

1. Vide order dated 4.12.2014, the parties, being family members,

were referred to mediation. Pursuant thereto, a Settlement Agreement

dated 30.11.2015 has been forwarded by the learned Mediator.

2. Counsels for the parties clarify that the Settlement Agreement

has been signed by all the parties, except for the respondent No.5.

The court is informed that the respondent No.5 had to be served by

substituted mode and despite service through publication, she did not

enter appearance or file any objections. As a result, vide order dated

13.8.2014, the right of the respondent No.5 to file objections to the

probate petition was closed.

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Source: Indian Kanoon