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Mata Santosh Devi Private Iti vs Directorate General Of … on 20 October, 2015

% 20.10.2015
1. This is an application, whereby the petitioner seeks extension of time
for admission from 20.10.2015 till 30.10.2015, pursuant to order dated
24.9.2015, passed by this Court.
2. The petitioner has averred that the respondents were required to grant
affiliation to it latest by 10.10.2015. It is further averred that, accordingly,
on the say so of the respondents, the last date for admission was extended till
20.10.2015. The petitioner, based on the order of this Court dated 24.9.2015,
has averred that neither has the affiliation been granted by the respondents
nor has the date for admission been extended.
3. As a matter of fact, it is also averred that respondent No.1 was
required to issue a public notice by 29.9.2015 in terms of the very same
order of this court. It is in this context that the petitioner has made a
consequent prayer that it may be allowed to admit the students against the
eight (8) units in the “Electrician Trade” for academic session 2015-16.

Source: Indian Kanoon