Mahander Kumar Gupta vs New Delhi Municipal Council And … on 20 October, 2016

1. This order is in continuation of the order dated 04.10.2016, on which
date, at the request of the counsels for the parties, a Local Commissioner
was appointed to submit a report with regard to the nature of the
construction activity/repair work undertaken by the respondent No.3 on the
ground, first and second floors of the subject premises.
2. The Local Commissioner has filed a report under index dated
07.10.2016, stating inter alia that she had inspected the premises on two
occasions, i.e., on 05.10.2016 and 06.10.2016 and had taken photographs of
the exterior and interior of the premises. She has reported that no holes were
noticed in the ceiling of the ground floor; the second and third floors were
found to be unoccupied and uninhabitable in their present state. On the

W.P.(C)7607/2016 Page 1 of 2
second floor, the Local Commissioner had noticed two holes on the terrace,
which had been covered with a thick green plastic sheet with a couple of
bricks placed therein. Enclosed with the report are photographs taken on the
spot. The holes on the terrace are visible at pages 32 to 34 of the report.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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