Machino Polymers Ltd vs Braj Mohan Garg on 11 January, 2017

1. The present application has been jointly filed by the parties stating
inter alia that on 27.10.2016, at the joint request of the counsels for the
parties, they were referred to mediation and pursuant thereto, they have
arrived at a settlement as recorded in the Settlement Agreement dated
17.12.2016 (Annexure-A) whereunder, the appellant has agreed that the
respondent shall be entitled to withdraw the entire amount deposited by it in
the Registry, to the tune of Rs.5,43,885/- along with the interest that has
accrued thereto.
2. Learned counsel for the parties states that the present appeal may be
disposed of in terms of the settlement arrived at between the parties.
3. The Court has perused the application. The same has been signed by
the authorized officer of the appellant company, who had filed the affidavit
in support of the appeal as also by the respondent and their respective
counsels. The application is supported by the affidavits of the signatories to

RFA 136/2011 Page 1 of 2
the application. Enclosed with the application is a copy of the Settlement
Agreement dated 17.12.2016, which is stated to have been signed by both
the parties and their respective counsels as also by the learned Mediator.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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