Louis Vuitton Malletier vs Mr. Omi & Anr. on 7 August, 2018

1. The present suit had been filed for permanent injunction
restraining infringement of trademark, copyright, passing off, dilution
and tarnishment, damages, delivery up etc. by the petitioner/plaintiff
Louis Vuitton, which is a highly reputed company.
2. The suit was filed against the respondents/defendants for the sale
of counterfeit products bearing the petitioner’s/plaintiff’s registered
trade mark and logo on 29th August, 2013.
3. An ex-parte ad interim injunction was passed in favour of the
petitioner/plaintiff and a local commissioner was appointed to visit the

CCP(O) 10/2018 IN CS(COMM) 291/2018 Page 1 of 20
premises of the respondent/defendant on 30th August, 2013. The local
commission was conducted on 03rd September, 2013, wherein
infringing goods were found at the premises of the respondents/
defendants. The relevant portion of the Local Commissioner’s report is
reproduced hereinbelow:-

Source: Indian Kanoon

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