Live: 16th National Client Consulting Competition by Kerala Law Academy

National Client Consulting Competition for Justice P.Govinda Menon Memorial Ever Rolling Trophy organized by the Kerala Law Academy Law College, Trivandrum begins with a grand inauguration ceremony. Justice Pius C. Kuriakose, Kerala Lok Ayuktha and former Chief Justice of High Court of Sikkim inaugurate the 16th edition of Competition by lighting the lamps. Dr. A. Sampath, Member of Parliament, presided over the function. Shri. K. Sasidharan Nair, Kerala State Election Commission is also present in the function for the key note address. Dr. Lekshmi P. Nair, Principal of Kerala Law Academy Law College makes welcome speech and vote of thanks is delivered by Shri. Anil Kumar G., the General Secretary of Moot Court Society. The competition has a participation of teams from various Law Schools and Colleges across the country including a number of National Law Universities.
Retaining a client is more difficult than getting a client : Justice Pius C. Kuriakose
“There is a saying that retaining a client is more difficult than getting a client. You will be able to retain a client by winning his confidence for which effective and  inspiring consultation is necessary.” Justice Pius C. Kuriakose has opined in his inauguration speech of 16th National Client Consulting Competition.. “It is often said that a beginner lawyer’s  time is always lost waiting for the client who never came. But according to me the above saying is not correct as far as most of the Indian states including state of Kerala with multitude of humanity and that too with multitude of problems . The hardworking of a lawyer will certainly give him clients.”
“Though there are several learned professions in the world including the medical profession, the legal profession is often referred to as a noble profession. It is because of several reasons and particularly the reason of integrity which the lawyers are expected to have in the matter of their dealings with the Courts and also with the clients. According to me, from the point of view of a lawyer, a client is more important than the Court as without a client to consult him or to give him a brief, a lawyer cannot have any existence. A client approaches a lawyer with a problem that  affects his life or property re coursing all his trust on the lawyer believing the lawyer will give him the right advice”, Justice Kuriakose opined.  To become successful in the profession what is most important for a budding lawyer is to win the confidence of the client. In order to arose confidence in the mind of the client, the lawyer will have to convince him that he is learned enough, and that he is giving the correct advice and also will assist the court properly for getting right decisions so that the client’s grievance will be redressed and the client’s right will be established .
Justice Kuriakose remembered that advocacy is the combination of various talents necessary for achieving the ultimate end for persuading the judges to accept the case advanced by the lawyer and the client. Equally important is the initial exercise which the lawyer has in his chambers or his office rooms, which is nothing other than the lawyers’ consultation with his client or the client’s consultation with his lawyer. The client who consult the the lawyer will mostly be an ordinary man. He may not have any communication skill . The lawyer has to deal with him very patiently and in a dignified manner giving him an impression that you are a dependable person. You have to give him a very patient listening. In other words, you are expected to be more a listener in your consultation room to the client than somebody who demonstrates his argumentative skills before the client. After all,  the lawyer has to be thorough with the facts of the case which has been supplied to him by the client. The lawyer’s patient listening, his kindness, sympathy and care will slowly arose  confidence in the client’s mind. The client should be allowed to narrate his grievance without any intervention and the lawyer should not feel worried even if some part of the narration is totally irrelevant. The lawyer will have to take all possible instructions of the client only through an effective and meaningful consultation,  then the lawyer will be able to pick out the points for and against the client. The Client Consulting competitions will help a student to achieve these abilities of a good lawyer. Justice Kuriakose congratulated the Kerala Law Academy for choosing the client consultation for a national level competition.

Source: Legal news India