Life Insurance Corp Of India vs Op Dhingra on 11 December, 2015

1. O.P.Dhingra, the respondent herein was appointed to the post of
Assistant (Class-III) in Life Insurance Corporation of India (in short ‘LIC’)
in March 1962. As per the Promotion Regulations of 1976 promotion to the
post of Assistant Administrative Officer is from the Feeder Cadre of
Superintendents and Higher Grade Assistants requiring three years and five
years of service respectively. Regulation -86 of the Promotion Regulations,
1960 empowered the Executive Committee of LIC to relax the regulations in
the interest of the Corporation in individual cases. In 1987 one N.K.Sharma
who had worked for three years as Assistant was granted promotion as
Assistant Administrative Officer on the basis of a policy decision taken that
such employees of the Corporation who had contributed to the growth of the
use of Hindi language should be rewarded. Since N.K.Sharma was junior

LPA No.117/2012 Page 1 of 8
O.P.Dhingra raised an industrial dispute on which reference was made on
the following terms: –

Source: Indian Kanoon

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