Lecture by Mr. Sutanu Sinha on Corporate Law at WBNUJS

Reported by Apoorv AgarwalMr. Sinha, Chief Executive of the Institute of Company
Secretaries of India delivered a lecture at National University of Juridical
Sciences, Kolkata on the 19th of September. During the lecture he
discussed the changes in the Companies Act and the role played by lawyers in
times of crisis such as the Satyam Scam. His thought provoking speech led to
questions on the 2G scam as well as the rationale behind the bar placed on
lawyers who also wish to practice as a company secretary since many students at
NUJS are pursuing the company secretary course. His sense of humour kept the
session alive for one hour as he shifted from the roles in not trying to
antagonize the audience of budding lawyers. The recent development of the
National Company Law Tribunal permitting non-lawyers yet specialists such as
company secretaries and chartered accountants being permitted was raised by one
of the students. The man who had over twenty five years of professional
experience in the Company Secretarial and Corporate Functioning carefully
carved out an answer by a perfect reasoning. The Supreme Court plays the role
of law making and basis its understanding on the evidence provided at the lower
stage of the judiciary. The NCLT is that stage where evidence providing is
utmost important and thus those who have specialisation in the field should be
permitted to represent the client. If lawyers are to represent maybe the minute
details will be missed out leading to lack of justice at the Supreme Court
level. This reasoning left the audience satisfied. The discussions were also
held on the rating of a Board and since the man himself is on the Board of
Canara Bank, his experience was very intriguing as professors joined in the
Source: Legal news India

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