Lal Bivhay Nath Shahdeo & Ors vs The State Of Nct Of Delhi & Anr on 1 April, 2016

2. Learned Additional Public Prosecutor for respondent-State

Crl.M.C. 4881/2015 Page 1 of 8
submitted that Mr. Dinesh Sharma, present in the Court has been
identified to be the attorney of the complainant/first-informant
(respondent no.2) in the FIR in question by Inspector Virendra Singh.
3. The factual matrix of the present case is that the FIR in question
was lodged by the complainant on the allegation that the complainant
is a 76 years old widow and since the death of her husband, she has
been living on his pension. In 1993, Shri Sudhanshu Shekhar Sahay
started staying with the complainant. Later, the complainant shifted to
the residence of her son at Delhi. After the complainant shifted to
Delhi, Sudhanshu and his wife used to live at her house at Hazaribagh.
In 2009, the complainant sold the said house. Later, Sudhanshu
became friends with one Rajesh Sahdeo and introduced him to the
complainant. In the month of December 2010, he showed the
complainant brochures of Vrindavan Constructions Company,
Jharkhand and told her that he can facilitate the complainant to
purchase a three side open plot for Rs. 50 lacs. The complainant
accepted the same. On 17.01.2011, the complainant transferred Rs. 10
lacs in favour of Vrindavan Constructions. Rajesh Sahdeo got the
agreement made and the complainant signed on it. Thereafter, the
complainant again transferred certain amounts on various dates. The
transaction totaled to an amount of Rs. 41 lacs. Rajesh never gave the
copy of the agreement to the complainant. During 2012, Rajesh told
the complainant that due to inordinate delay in obtaining the sanction
from the State Authority of Jharkhand, the said piece of land would
now be transferred in 2013. Thereafter, Rajesh, kept on delaying the
same on one pretext or the other. Later, the complainant came to know

Crl.M.C. 4881/2015 Page 2 of 8
that there was no Company by the name Vrindavan Constructions and
when the complainant tried to contact Rajesh and his partners, no one

Source: Indian Kanoon

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