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Kumari Selja vs Union Of India And Ors. on 7 September, 2015

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% 07.09.2015

LPA 530/2015 & CM No.14262/2015
LPA 531/2015 & CM No.14265/2015
1. These appeals have been preferred against a common judgment dated
30.07.2015 rendered by a Single Judge of this court. By virtue of the
impugned judgment, the writ petitions filed by the appellants were
dismissed. The appellants were further mulct with costs of Rs.25,000/-
each. These costs were directed to be paid to the Directorate of Estates (in
short the D.O.E.); a department which functions under the Ministry of
Urban Development, Government of India (in short the M.U.D). A time
frame of three months was given for this purpose.
1.1 Before we proceed further, we may indicate that we will be, for the
sake of convenience, referring to the appellants, in the two cases, before
us, by their names, wherever there is a reference to them, in their
individual capacity. Collectively, we would continue to refer to them as
the appellants.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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