Krishna Model Secondary School … vs Hoshiari Devi & Ors. on 4 January, 2016

1. The challenge in this writ petition is to the order dated July 18,

2008 passed by the Delhi School Tribunal („Tribunal‟ in short) in Appeal

No.14/1997 filed by the respondent No.1 herein against order dated

December 12, 1996 purporting to be an order of her termination from the

services of the petitioner No.1 School.
2. It was the case of the respondent No.1 that she was employed as

an Assistant Teacher by the petitioner school however she was not paid

according to her scale. It was her case that her work and conduct was

W.P.(C) No. 6383/2008 Page 1 of 31
satisfactory showing excellent result. She and other teachers made a

representation to the Directorate of Education-respondent No.2 to pay

her salary by cheque. It was her case that due to this the management of

the petitioner school became vindictive and they entangled her in various

criminal cases and started issuing various memos to her. The petitioners

dispatched a letter on December 23, 1996 by antedating the same to

December 02, 1996 alleging that the petitioner school had surrendered

her post. Neither any charge-sheet was served nor any opportunity was

granted to her before surrendering her post which had the effect of her

termination from the services of the petitioner No.1 School. She had also

stated that she was not allowed to enter the school. It was her case that

the respondent Nos.2 & 3 had failed to take any action against the

petitioners although many irregularities were pointed out.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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