Kishan Chand Sharma & Anr. vs Chet Ram Sharma (Since Deceased) & … on 21 January, 2016

CM Appln. 7520/2015
1. The applicant, by the aforesaid application seeks impleadment
of Mandir Shri Kalkaji as one of the appellants in L.A(A)
No.349/2014. Additionally, it has been prayed that if the applicant
would not be a suitable person to represent the Mandir Shri Kalkaji
(hereinafter called the deity), then considering the fact that the temple

LA.APP.349/2014 Page 1 of 12
Kalkaji is a public temple, another person be directed to represent the
temple to assist the Court in effectively and completely adjudicating
upon and settling all questions involved in the land acquisition appeal
referred to above.
2. A preliminary notification under Section 4 of the Land
Acquisition Act, 1894 (hereinafter called the Act) was issued on
28.11.2002 and the consequent declaration under Section 6 was made
on 13.06.2003 for acquisition of 8 Bighas 6 Biswas of land of village
Bahapur. The award was announced on 06.06.2005 by the Land
Acquisition Collector, South Delhi. However, the Land Acquisition
Collector made a reference on 02.06.2006 with respect to file
No.621/2/3/2/2/1 min (2-16) with the particulars of interested persons
Nos.1 to 17 (IPs Nos.1 to 17) shown at serial No.1 to 17 in the array of
parties and names of the disputants. The aforesaid reference was
followed by amended memo on 16.12.2006 stating that out of the
interested persons mentioned at serial Nos.1 to 24, IPs Nos.1 to 4 were
the recorded owners of land whereas persons at serial Nos.5 to 24
were the objectors. Apart from this, an amount of Rs.1,26,22500.80
was also sent on 02.09.2006 along with reference under Section 30/31
of the Act with respect to land comprising aforesaid field numbers.
The Trial Court was to decide the reference accordingly. The subject
matter of the reference thus was the land measuring 2 bighas 16
biswas in the aforesaid field number/khasra number.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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