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Karun Raj Narang vs Punjab National Bank & Anr on 11 January, 2016

% 11.01.2016

1. Pursuant to the order dated 5.1.2016, learned counsel enters

appearance for the defendant No.1/Bank and submits that the present

suit is pre-mature inasmuch as the defendant No.1/Bank has only

issued a show cause notice dated 1.12.2015 to the plaintiff, to which

he has recently responded. He submits that the said reply is still

under consideration and further, the plaintiff shall be given a personal

hearing before any orders are passed.
2. Mr. Wadhwa, learned counsel for the plaintiff disputes the

submission made by the other side that the impugned document dated

1.12.2015 issued by the defendant No.1/Bank is a show cause notice.

He submits that a perusal of the contents of the said notice would

make it apparent that it is a demand notice.

Source: Indian Kanoon