Free Judgments

Kamlendra Sinh vs Sanghi Bros (Indor) Ltd. & Anr. on 8 February, 2016

1. On December 02, 1998 a Memorandum of Understanding was
executed between Sanghi Bros (Indore) Pvt.Ltd. and Kamlendra Sinh. As
per the recitals thereof, Surendra Sinhji of Alirajpur, the elder brother of
Kamlendra Sinh owned a large number of properties including A-9/29,
Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. Surendra Sinhji died in the intervening night of
29th and 30th March, 1996 leaving behind a will dated November 05, 1984
as per which 55% share in the property at Vasant Vihar was bequeathed to

FAO(OS) 364/2015 Page 1 of 8
Kamlendra Singh and the remaining 45% to other persons. The recitals
record that Kamlendra Sinh had applied for the will to be probated to which
there was opposition by one Jyoti Rathore who claimed that a day prior to
his death Surendra Sinhji had executed a will, probate whereof she had
sought. The recitals further record that Kamlendra Sinh lacked resources to
maintain the properties of his elder brother and had requested Sanghi Bros
(Indore) Pvt.Ltd to incur expenditure in the upkeep of the properties and
being unable to repay the same had proposed to transfer his interest in the
property at Vasant Vihar for consideration and upon the terms and
conditions recorded in the memorandum.

Source: Indian Kanoon