K S Kler vs H S Vedi on 27 March, 2017

1.2 If the said application is allowed, it will bring the curtain down on a
three decade old litigation. If on the other hand, as contended by Mr K.S.
Kler, the said application does not purport to settle the disputes between him
and late Mr Vedi, but only the disputes both of them had with Mrs Veena
Duggal, then the Court will have to decide the objections of the LRs of Mr
Vedi to an Award dated 17th December 1987.

1.3 For the reasons to follow, this judgment concludes that the Compromise
Deed dated 28th October 2007 brings an end to all disputes between the
parties, including the disputes inter se between Mr Vedi and Mr Kler. The
Court holds that the earlier Award dated 17th December 1987 does not
survive and that both the suit and the petition and other applications stand
disposed of in terms of the said Compromise Deed.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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