Jia Lal Kapur vs Uoi & Anr on 27 January, 2016

CM No.6743/2015
For the reasons stated, the delay of 26 days in re-filing the
review petition is condoned.
The application is disposed of.
Review Pet. No.216/2015
1. By way of the present petition, the petitioner has sought
review of the judgment dated 28th September, 2004 passed in the
present appeal. Before setting out the essential facts, we may note
the history of the litigation briefly, as is essential for the view we
are taking.
2. A writ petition being W.P.(C)No.2149/2001 was filed by the
petitioner contending that office memorandums dated 29th August,
1984 and 1st May, 1987 were not brought to his notice. By these
office memorandums, the government employees who had opted
for receiving CPF benefits on retirement were given an option to
have their retirement benefits calculated under the pension scheme
provided they refund to the government, certain benefits received
at the time of settlement of CPF amount. The petitioner, therefore,
claimed in the writ petition entitlement to exercise such option and
shifting to the pension scheme.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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