Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd vs Sarda Energy And Minerals Ltd & Ors on 4 January, 2016

1. LPA Nos.202/2011 & 205/2011 were dismissed by this court by
common judgment dated 24.02.2015. The said judgment is sought to be
reviewed in these Review Petitions.
2. The State of Chhattisgarh/respondent No.3 in LPA No.202/2011
preferred Review Petition No.361/2015 whereas M/s Jayaswal Neco
Industries Ltd./appellant in LPA Nos.202/2011 & 205/2011 preferred
Review Petition Nos.373/2015 & 374/2015 in LPA Nos.202/2011 &
205/2011 respectively.
3. We have heard the learned counsel appearing for both the parties.
4. The dispute between M/s Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd. and M/s
Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd. regarding grant of Prospecting Licence (PL)
under the provisions of Mines and Minerals (Development & Regulation)
Act, 1957 for the purpose of exploring iron ore deposits in Boria Tibbu area
of Rajnandgaon District situated in the State of Madhya Pradesh, which has
become part of State of Chhattisgarh w.e.f. 01.11.2000 by virtue of Madhya

R.P. No.361/2015 in LPA No.202/2011, R.P. No.373/2015 in
LPA No.202/2011 & R.P. No.374/2015 in LPA No.205/2011 Page 2 of 9
Pradesh Reorganization Act, 2000 was the subject matter of LPA
Nos.202/2011 & 205/2011.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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