Jagdish Kumar Lal Thr Lrs vs Govt Of Nct Of Delhi & Ors on 4 January, 2016

CM No.24255/2015 (Delay) in LPA 757/2015
1. For the reasons stated in the application the delay of 40 days in filing
the appeal is condoned.
2. Application is disposed of.
LPA Nos.542/2015, 575/2015, 579/2015, 581/2015, 592/2015, 593/2015,
594/2015, 595/2015, 619/2015, 621/2015, 622/2015, 624/2015 and

1. In the writ petitions filed by the 13 appellants, they inter alia prayed
for directions to the respondents to place on record the policy prohibiting the
sale of coal in Delhi, setting aside of Circular/Policy dated July 06, 2011,

LPA Nos.542/2015 & connected matters Page 12 of 40
setting aside Resolution No.874 dated March 16, 2011 and Resolution No.10
dated May 27, 2011 and setting aside order dated November 16, 2011. Vide
order dated November 16, 2011 the tehbazari rights of the appellants were
cancelled and the properties in question were to be retrieved from the
allottees/successors or occupiers and handed over to R.P.Cell, MCD
pursuant to the show cause notices dated November 11, 2011. In LPA
No.621/2015 there is an additional prayer of quashing the notice dated May
23, 2012 whereby the appellant was directed to remove the structure from
the site and handover the possession to the respondent.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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