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Jabbar vs State on 30 May, 2018

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2. The appellant appeals, thereagainst.

The Facts and the Evidence

Statements of parents of the victim

3. We may pitch the starting point, for the recital of the facts in the
present case, as the statement of Noor Jahan Begum, the mother of the
victim ‗S’, who deposed, during trial, as PW-3. Her deposition reads
―On SA
I have three children i.e. two boys and one daughter.
My elder son is aged about 17-18 years and daughter is 10
years old. The victim child is my youngest child, who is 6
years old. I am residing on the above mentioned address with
my family. We are permanent residents of District Purniya,
Bihar. Prior to 6 months from today at about 10:00-10:30
p.m., my son i.e. the victim child went for laterine near the
house. After about one hour, I saw that my son was coming
while crying. I saw the accused, present in the Court today
(witness has correctly identified the accused), was with my
son who on seeing me ran away from there. I made inquiries
from my son, who told me that accused Jabbar took him to
jungle and did wrong act with him from his backside. My
husband called the police by dialling 100 number. Police took
my son, my husband and myself to SGM Hospital where

CRL.A. 1444/2013 Page 2 of 51
medical examination of my son was conducted. My statement
was recorded by the police.

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