Irfana & Anr. vs Ayyub Khan on 14 December, 2015

1. Vide the present petition, petitioners seek directions thereby
setting aside the order dated 12.02.2008 passed by ld. Trial Court
whereby the petition under Section 125 Cr.P.C. filed by the
petitioner no. 1 was dismissed.
2. Further seeks directions thereby modifying the order dated
12.08.2008 passed by the ld. Sessions Court in Crl. Appeal No.
18/2008 whereby the Appellate Court has awarded an amount of
Rs.1,000/- in favour of the petitioner no.2, however granted nothing
to petitioner no. 1.
3. Notice in the instant petition was issued vide order dated
18.02.2009. Thereafter, Mr. Mukesh Kumar and Mr. Badridas,
Advs. appeared on behalf of the respondent on 15.01.2010 and were
directed to file the reply to the instant petition. Accordingly, the
reply was filed, which is on record.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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