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Iqbal Singh vs State on 31 July, 2020

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2. The said complaint was filed by Narcotic Control Bureau
(NCB), New Delhi. It is NCB’s case that on 10.05.2019, secret
information was received by one of the Intelligence Officers that one
boy, who is proficient in Punjabi Language, will board a train to

BAIL APPLN.645/2020 Page 1 of 13
Punjab from Sakur Basti Railway Station and he may be carrying huge
quantity of drugs. The aforesaid information was reduced to writing
and on perusal of the same, the Superintendent NCB directed to take
the necessary action. A team was constituted and at 0915 hours, they
proceeded to the Railway Station and arrived there at 0950 hours. At
their request, a team of Railway Police Force (RPF) also joined the
proceedings. At 10.30 A.M., they noticed three persons on the
platform approaching from the northern direction. One of them (the
petitioner herein) was holding a white coloured plastic bag (plastic
katta). The NCB team suspected the said persons and they were
stopped and were informed of their rights. Presence of a Gazette
Officer was requested and, on his arrival, the said NCB officials
searched them in his presence. Nothing incriminating was found on
either of them. However, the search of the white coloured bag carried
by the petitioner yielded two black polythenes containing 57 bottles of
“Onerex Cough Syrup” of 100 ml each. One of the ingredients of the
cough syrup is codeine phosphate.

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