International Trade Expo. Centre … vs Mukesh Sharma And Ors on 7 June, 2016

2. Facts which are relevant for the purpose of the issues need to be

decided by this order are that, on October 20, 1997, ITECL was allotted

a property located at A-II, Sector-62, Noida for a sum of Rs.1.5 Crores
OMP 04/2008 and connected matters Page 3 of 62
paid as allotment money. Mukesh Sharma, Roger Shashoua and the

International Trade Expo. Centre Ltd signed a Shareholders Agreement

on July 1, 1998 whereby ITCEL was restructured as a Joint Venture

Company. The paid up share capital of ITCEL was Rs.3 Crores, divided

into 30 lakh shares. Mukesh Sharma and Roger Shashoua equally held

15 lakh shares each in the ITECL. It is the case of ITECL that in a

Board meeting held on September 30, 1999, Roger Shashoua showed

interest in transferring his share holding in ITECL to a company

Shashoua holdings and subsequently shares were transferred to his

company. As per agreement between Roger Shashoua and Mukesh

Sharma, building plans were submitted and approved and pursuance of

which construction agreement was signed between ITECL and H.S.

Oberoi and company for construction of exhibition convention centre.

The parties, Roger Shashoua and Mukesh Sharma agreed upon an

arbitration clause to provide for a resolution of disputes i.e Clause 14.

The clause reads as under:-

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