International Criminal Court Moot: India National Rounds 2016

[The following announcement is posted on behalf of the Moot Court Committee, National Law University Delhi]National Law University Delhi (NLU Delhi) has been officially selected by ICC Hague and Leiden University for organizing the 2016 India Qualifying National Rounds of the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition. The National Rounds are tentatively scheduled to take place in early March next year. The Competition is a realistic simulation of proceedings at the International Criminal Court. The moot addresses fundamental issues of substantive and procedural international criminal law. The registrations for the international rounds are open till 22 October, and more details can be accessed here: http://iccmoot.com/registration/. The National Rounds organizers would subsequently devise a separate registration procedure after teams have registered for the International Rounds. NLU Delhi is extremely glad to partner with the Organizing Committee of the ICC Moot Court Competition and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies at Leiden University to organize the National Rounds. The ICC Moot encourages students to study the working of the International Criminal Court, which becomes extremely pertinent in the current global context. We look forward to welcoming you in New Delhi next year for the National Rounds, and we hope you keep India’s flag flying at Den Haag. The rules for the International Rounds can be accessed at http://iccmoot.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/RulesofProcedure_2016.pdf. Please contact us at [email protected] any queries or clarifications.

Source: Corporate