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In The Matter Of Reena Marketing … vs …. on 29 May, 2017

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2. The petitioner company was incorporated on 25.04.2005
having Corporate Identity Number U51909DL2005PTC135325,
under the provisions of the Act with the Registrar of Companies,
NCT of Delhi and Haryana having the authorized Share Capital of the

CO.PET. No.38/2017 Page 1 of 4
Company as `1,00,00,000/-divided into 10,00,000 equity shares of
`10/- each.

3. The registered office of the company is situated within the
territory of NCT of Delhi at N-98, Near Thaper House, Sainik Farms,
South Delhi, New Delhi.

4. At the time of Members Voluntary Winding up of the petitioner
company, there were three shareholders having different number of
shares and two directors namely Madan Walia and Bunty Walia who
were appointed with effect from 25.04.2005. The financial position of
the company is disclosed in the audited balance sheets ending as on
31.03.2015, 31.03.2014, and 31.03.2013, annexed to the petition.

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