Hyundai Rotem Company vs Delhi Metro Rail Corporation on 23 November, 2015

1. By the present judgment we will dispose of W.P.(C) 7265/2015,
W.P. (C) 7656/2015 & LPA 547/2015. All the Petitions and appeal are
filed by the appellant company and arise from common facts.
2. The controversy centres around a letter dated 10.08.2015 issued by
the respondent blacklisting the appellant company. Brief facts of the case
are that on 05.03.2012 the respondent issued a notice inviting bids for the
„RS 10‟ Project. The bids were opened and the appellant company was
declared the lowest bidder. A Letter of Award dated 01.04.2013 was
issued by the respondent to the appellant. This was followed by a
Contract Agreement dated 24.05.2013. The execution of the contract
commenced and is said to be continuing. The appellant has received a
part payment of approximately Rs.880.2 crores out of the total value of
the contact of about Rs.4500 crores.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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