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Lodge complaint with National Commission for Women

Lodge complaint with National Commission for Women

Now a days filling a compliant at the national commission for women has become very easy. Any woman can lodge an online complaint with the national commission for women.
Hence the series of spreading information here we bring you the easy method on how you can lodge/register complaint with national commission for women.
The national commission for woman has a Complaints and Counselling Cell which processes all the complaints received orally, written or suo moto under Section 10 of the (National commission for women Act) NCW Act. The complaints which may be filed before NCW may be related to domestic violence, gender discrimination, sexual harassment at work cruelty by husband, refusal to register FIR by police, rape, bigamy dowry, desertion, torture and deprivation.

The national commission can you in following manners:
NCW can monitor and expedite the Investigations by the police.
The matters are brought to the notice of various state authorities to facilitate action.
By way of counselling the Family disputes may be resolved or compromised.
As per the 1997 Supreme Court Judgment on Sexual Harassment at Workplace, (Vishakha Vs. State of Rajasthan) every employer is required to provide for effective complaints procedures and remedies including award of compensation to women victims. In sexual harassment complaints, the concerned organisation is urged to expedite cases and the disposal is monitored.
For serious crimes, the Commission constitutes an Inquiry Committee which makes spot enquiries, examines witnesses, collects evidence and submits the report with recommendations. The implementation of the report is monitored by the NCW. The Commission has powers to summon theaccused, witnesses and records to facilitate inquiry.
The commission involves the NGOs and other experts are involved in these efforts.

Please make sure your complaint does not suffer from any of the following defects as the commission does not entertain complaints which:
are illegible or vague, anonymous or pseudonymous; or
relates to civil dispute between the parties such as contractual rights obligations and the like;
relates to service matters not involving any deprivation of women’s rights;
relates to labour/industrial disputes not involving any deprivation of womens rights:
Matter is sub judice before a Court/Tribunal;
The Commission shall not inquire into any matter which is pending before a State Commission or any other Commission duly constituted under any law for the time being in force.
any Matter/case already decided by the Commission

Register online complaint with National Commission for Women


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  1. priya
    priya February 25, 13:02

    my husband beats me everyday. and he also brinks and bauses me… he also throw me out of his house.. please tell me what should i do?

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  2. Advocate Vikas Nagwan
    Advocate Vikas Nagwan April 13, 17:51

    Domestic violence is very big problem in India… i Suggest you to Kindly consult a lawyer..

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  3. leymas
    leymas July 18, 13:30

    Iam muslim woman Regd dowry case fir against husband after 2 counselling sessions, he absconded to saudi.Later there ws dicussion with their lawyer & both agreed for part ways(4lakhs & articles to b exchanged).police asked to write a letter stating settlement at qazi & closing case.initially i opposed for this but as i didnt expect the 2nd party will trouble in executing agreement.Later when i couldnt receive amount at qazi,approached police,they said case has been closed.But later the accused party responsible persons were called and i received amount (cheques).Later one day when exchanging articles they asked Maher amount 40,000 to be paid on spot(it was decided at qazi as i opted for khula,so that we dont waste our time ).I denied since rhe cheques for 4lakhs were in encashment process.Police asked me to write a stmt that received articles and due amount will be returned after cheque clearance.I have sent khula papers to them through Qazi about 2.5 months ago but they are still in pending.I said to police iam ready to pay money but only after getting signed khula they are wantedly delaying papers. When i approached police again after 2 months,police again said case has been closed now its not their responsibilty.
    can i approach police commissioner for justice?
    Can i complaint online to national comm for women against NRI ?
    what is the solution?
    I didnt even receive notice of case closure.

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  4. Ammu
    Ammu August 28, 00:20

    I’m 21yrs old..n I stay in grandma n my parents are forcing me for marriage..But I’m not even interested ..I asked for some time like 2yrs but they are blackmailing me …I’m going into depression by this..none r supporting me..left all alone..year back the same situation came to me n from tat I joined to mads hospital..they will tell if you don’t marry will die..please suggest me!!!

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