Haseena vs State (Nct Of Delhi) on 1 June, 2016

2. FIR No.136/2009 under Sections 365/368/372/373/376/109/506/34
IPC and Sections 3,4,5 and 6 ITP Act was registered at PS Kamla Market on
November 09, 2009 after a raid was conducted by the police on the

Crl.A. No.1026/2013 Page 1 of 7
complaint of ‘M’ who stated that she was a resident of Darjeeling, West
Bengal, belonging to a poor family. She had studied upto 7 th standard. Her
father remarried whereafter her mother also remarried due to which she was
very disturbed. One day, she met a lady in the market who started speaking
to her and stated that she would get ‘M’, a good employment in Delhi.
Allured by her talks, she came to Delhi, along with that lady, in the month of
March. The lady assured her that she would get her an employment in
garment shop but the lady brought her to GB Road, Kotha No.57, First Floor
left side. There were number of girls, of which Rajni told her that she had
bought her from the said lady and ‘M’ will have to do prostitution. ‘M’
understood that the said lady had sold her after alluring her. One lady
named Haseena was incharge of the Kotha. Rajni forced ‘M’ into
prostitution, contrary to her wishes and when she refused, Rajni used to beat
her and take all her money. ‘M’ was not permitted to go out and when
police used to come for checking, ‘M’ used to be hidden inside. ‘M’ was
very upset and wanted to go to her house. When the raiding team came to
the Kotha, she told them the entire story. She sought legal action against all
who had put her into prostitution contrary to her wishes i.e. Haseena, Rajni
and the lady who brought her to the Kotha.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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