Hari Rai & Ors. vs Commissioner Of Trade & Taxes on 12 February, 2016

1. This writ petition has been filed by nine Petitioners in rather unusual
circumstances. Of the nine Petitioners, the first two are thelawalas (cart
pullers) and the other seven have described themselves as ‘Angadias,’ i.e.,
persons engaged in the business of arranging transportation of goods through
road and rail.
2. The subject matter of the writ petition concerns the seizure by the
Respondent, Commissioner of Trade and Taxes (CTT) in the Department of
Trade and Taxes (DT&T) of 24 cartons containing gold and silver jewellery as
well as cash worth nearly Rs. 4 crores found loaded on two thelas (goods carts)

W.P.(C) No. 3799/2014 Page 1 of 12
at around 10.30 am on 1st March 2014 from the railway parcel van of the
Ahmedabad Express which arrived at the Old Delhi Railway Station.
According to the Petitioners, the said 24 cartons were meant for delivery to the
seven Angadias (Petitioners 3 to 9) having been despatched by some parties in

Source: Indian Kanoon

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