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Gurpreet Singh vs Gurmeet Singh Chopra on 17 December, 2015

% 17.12.2015

1. Pursuant to the parties being referred to the Delhi High Court

Mediation and Conciliation Centre, a Settlement Agreement dated

2.12.2015 has been placed on record.
2. Counsels for the parties state that in accordance with the terms

and conditions of the settlement, the defendant has agreed to pay a

sum of Rs.75.00 lacs to the plaintiff in full and final settlement of all

his claims against the defendant.
3. Counsel for the plaintiff confirms the fact that the entire amount

of Rs.75.00 lacs has been received by his client and now nothing

further is due or payable by the defendant. He states that having

received the entire amount, his client shall render all necessary

assistance to the defendant for quashing FIR No.1047/2014 registered
CS(OS) 467/2015 Page 1 of 3
with PS Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.

Source: Indian Kanoon