Ghan Shyam Kapoor @ Dhanu vs Lt.Governor Of Delhi & Anr. on 18 December, 2015

Through: Mr.Rajesh Mahajan, ASC and
Mr.Avi. Singh, ASC.
SI Sunil Kumar, P.S.Geeta Colony

1. The petitioner has challenged the order dated 23.06.2015 passed by
the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police-I, East District, Delhi in
connection with File No.33/2013 whereby he has been externed from the
limits of NCT of Delhi for a period of two years.
2. By the aforesaid order the petitioner has been directed not to enter
or return to the area of NCT of Delhi within the said period without
written permission of the competent authority. He, however, by the
aforesaid order, has been permitted to attend the Court at Delhi on all
dates of hearing with the condition that he would immediately remove

W.P(Crl) No.2165/2015 Page 1 of 15
himself after attending to the Court case. The aforesaid relaxation is only
for the date of hearing in Courts for coming and going out of the limits of
NCT of Delhi.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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