Gaurav Kumar & Ors vs State & Anr on 10 March, 2016

2. Learned Additional Public Prosecutor for respondent-State

Crl.M.C. 5/2016 Page 1 of 13
submitted that the respondent No.2, present in the Court has been

identified to be the complainant/first-informant of the FIR in question

by ASI Manju Dhyani.

3. The factual matrix of the present case is that the marriage

between the petitioner no.1 and the respondent no.2 was solemnized

on 29.04.2013. On the very next day of the marriage, the accused

persons snatched away all the jewellery and cash brought by the

complainant. The complainant was also beaten up by her husband and

mother-in-law on the very next day. The husband of the complainant

used to taunt her that her father did not give her even a car in marriage

and used to beat her day and night after drinking alcohol. The

husband of the complainant was also joined by other accused persons

in his misdeeds. Later on 27.04.2014, when the parents of the

complainant came for mediating the matter, the accused persons told

them that they do not wish to keep the complainant and abused her


Source: Indian Kanoon

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