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Gaurav Kaushik vs State Of Nct Of Delhi on 1 March, 2021

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1. It is submitted by the Ld. APP for the state that as per the
previous order of this Court, the Ld. District & Sessions Judge, North
District, Rohini Court has filed the report on the applications moved by
Dr. Rajesh Verma (PW 2) and his wife i.e. prosecutrix for providing

BAIL APPLN. 1555/2018 & CRL.M.C. 5916/2019 Page 1 of 9
2. It is submitted by the Ld. Counsel for the petitioner in the bail
application that the prosecutrix and her husband are not appearing
before the Trial Court for recording of their evidence and are delaying
the same on one pretext or the other. It is further submitted by the Ld.
counsel for the petitioner that due to non appearance of the witnesses,
the case is being unnecessarily delayed.

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