Gaurav Dhiman vs State & Anr. on 27 October, 2016

2. I have heard the learned counsel for the parties and have
examined the file. Petitioner’s counsel urged that the matter has since been
settled with the victim and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) dated
23.02.2016 has been executed between them. It is further urged that earlier
the petitioner had agreed to marry the victim. Subsequently, she changed

Crl.M.C.4052/2016 Page 1 of 3
her mind and did not agree to the marriage. She has since married with
someone else. Since it was consensual physical relationship, the FIR in
question is liable to the quashed.
3. On perusal of the file, it reveals that earlier also the petitioner
had filed Crl.M.C.1018/2015 and it was dismissed as withdrawn on
13.03.2015. Apparently, there is no change of circumstances to consider the
quashing petition on somewhat similar grounds.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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