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Gagan Kakkar vs Dharampal Chhabra on 22 July, 2015


CM No.11299/2015 (exemption)
Exemption is allowed subject to all just exceptions.
FAO (OS) 323/2015 & CM No.11298/2015 (stay)
1. By this appeal, the appellant has impugned the order dated
20.04.2015 whereby the defence of the appellant has been struck out in
terms of Order VI Rule 14A of the Code of Civil Procedure (hereinafter
referred to as the Code). The respondent is the Plaintiff in the suit and the
appellant is the defendant.
2. The respondent/plaintiff had filed a suit against the defendant
alleging the defendant to be a tenant in the suit. The defendant filed his
written statement claiming that the property had been purchased by his
father by way of an agreement to sell.

Source: Indian Kanoon


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  • Gagan Kakkar and family (others) are a bunch of frauds , who is currently in Tihar jail for his crimes for more than 3 months now. The session courts have rejected the bails for all the cases herein attached with the family. This is just for the information

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