G4S Facility Services India Pvt … vs Regional Provident Fund … on 8 May, 2018

2. The respondent, after affording an opportunity of hearing to the
petitioner, by an order dated 06.01.2018, had assessed the
provident fund amount payable by the petitioner for the period
from April 2007 to March 2012 for Rs.15,40,26,052/-.
3. The petitioner preferred an appeal before the Tribunal under
Section 7-I of the EPF Act. The petitioner also moved an
application under Section 7-O of the EPF Act for waiver of the
pre-deposit amount of 75% of the determined amount by the
respondent under Section 7-A of the EPF Act. After hearing
both the parties on application under Section 7-O of the EPF
Act and having regard to the facts and circumstances of the
case, the Tribunal vide impugned order dated 19.01.2018 has
directed to admit the appeal subject to petitioner depositing 50%
of the amount assessed in the impugned order within six weeks,
failing which the appeal shall stand dismissed.

Source: Indian Kanoon

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